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So I finally pulled the trigger on the sopranino from P. Mauriat, especially after a nice chat with someone who plays one, So far, it plays really well out of the box and will add pictures later.
Mouthpiece: For a stock piece it plays well enough and the ligature is okay, nothing to write home about.
Finish/Build Quality: The finish is seems fine, nothing major stands out. A small blemish here or there and some rough edges but nothing that would make you dislike the horn. I will say that I am not the biggest fan of the palm D key which seems to be bent by the factory at an odd angle. I will eventually get it bent differently for my own personal taste, but again that is personal preference.
Case: The case is a soft sided zipper case that is pretty nice. Nothing to write home about.
Intonation: Surprisingly not too bad, A is rather sharp but the more I play it the more things are slotting in tune.

All in all, not a bad nino and would definitely recommend to colleagues/friends who are looking for a Selmer clone.

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nice to hear, I would recommend you to get in touch with member whamptoncourt

He is a real sopranino specialist, and to follow up this thread

The Sagacious is a one off with that brandname ( I think that I remember that the serial number is the production date plus an ordinal )

The company which made this is the same that makes the P.Mauriat Alouette and this is the most expensive version in bronze and rich engraving.

At that time there were only two factories on Taiwan which made sopraninos, one made Yanagisawa clones and the other Selmer clones. The Sagacious is a Selmer clone.
As stated there, there are other options for those whom like to buy a Taiwanese made Selmer Clone sopranino

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I'd love to try out one of these. I had the opportunity to try the PMSS-2400 last year, and loved it. Would love to hear how you sound on it :)
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