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Thanks so much for your review Roger, I am agree at every issue you are talking about 86 UL model. I am playing it for last 4 months and it is a beautiful horn, my favorite one until now (I have two 70xxx Mark VI under my bed). When you were saying it is between Conn and Mark VI I would like to say that it is between gold lacquer and silver finished under my point of view, I love that mid term about resistance. That is because of copper/phosphorus material I guess. BUT, as you said too, it is a special way of sounding you have to look for. Really important the set up you blow though it, I use to play it with a metal Theo Wanne mouthpiece and rubber Freddie Gregory´s one. Those are the best combination according to my way of playing and I thing I found my set up for a long time!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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