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Hello all,

Thank you Roger for the incredibly comprehensive review and to Ferva and Mark for the 'follow on' as well. I play the 66RUL with a Mark Spencer (incredible Australian refacer and mouthpiece maker) customized 'V' Tone Edge Link and have been very pleased to be on side with P. Mauriat. I"ve now had the 66 for some months and did some alterations myself, I'll post this soon for all to see. I've playtested the 76 (both editions) and now want one of those models since it is as close to a Mark VI as it gets (only bigger...), which seems to be everyone else' thought as well. This thread makes me very interested in the 86, so many models and all quite unique, I'm sure I'll be after one of those in the future. Alex has kindly offered a 'Magnum' neck to it's endorsers as a generous 'thanks' to our involvement, I'm anxiously awaiting this aftermarket neck to try with my 66RUL, although I'm very pleased 'as is'. Roger's comparison of necks was fantastic, he sounds incredibly on both but the 'Magnum' does have a seemingly bigger sound, hard to imagine it getting any bigger, what great playing Roger! I too think th 66 is Conn-esque, which is why I got it, I have played and owned them all, but the ergonomics of 10M's was always beyond me, now I've got the best of both worlds with the 66 and can't wait to playtest the 86, once again, thanks for this thread and all the info guys!

best, DC (Dusty Cox)
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