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chilliad said:
I recently got myself a 70's tenor and I want to have it restored. :D

I am from Queens, NY, boardering L.I. and prefer shops in local area.

Any recommendations/experience to share?

PM are welcome.
Glenn Guidone is a saxophonist and ww repairman near the Nassau/Queens border. I think he's in Belrose.

Glenn L Guidone

390 Carnation Avenue
Floral Park, NY 11001

516-326-1492 (home)

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I've heard good things about Shelly Tanabe at Windplayer Services in Queens. Check out the dealer directory for NY, her info is in there.

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Shelly Rocks

Got my 70's King SilverSonic tenor back from Shelly Tanabe for about two weeks now.

It is overhualed with Roo pads and flat seamless metal resonators. Shelly removed some minor dents, re-soldered a guard foot and nicely patched the mic-pickup on the neck, with sterling silver patch too.

It is tight, in tune and great looking. Can't ask more than that.

Thanks all.

Now I just need to learn to play tenor like a tenor.:D
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