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Over-sized Resonators On Ref 36

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Anyone have any experience putting on oversized "metal" (Noyek, Resotech, Maestro etc) resonators in place of the plastic doomed resonators on a REFERENCE 36 with repect to sound volume etc
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Palo at in New Orleans did a Ref 54 with oversize domes on Pisoni pads a few years ago and reported great results. The horn now belongs to an infrequent SotW member.
Check for the Ref 54 info.
Thanks for popping up, Steve.

That's an excellent and interesting issue - whether the enhanced/reinforced middle frequencies would be as good a thing on the Ref 36. My horn continues to satisfy as it is but sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if there is any MORE to get from it. ;)


Steve, did Palo solder the bow to the body of your horn. Randy did that to mine last year (along with optimizing the octave body and neck vents) and my horn came back even larger than before. Maybe your horn is already there... Maybe MORE would be too much...:twisted:
Well, it does fill the room... ;)
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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