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Over-sized Resonators On Ref 36

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Anyone have any experience putting on oversized "metal" (Noyek, Resotech, Maestro etc) resonators in place of the plastic doomed resonators on a REFERENCE 36 with repect to sound volume etc
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Dr G said:
That's my horn. It roars.

Volume projection probably has most to do with mouthpiece, player and neck in that order. I do not doubt that the oversized domed resonators add to this effect however.

The resonator's substitution effect would better be described without the volume word. In comparison to standard ref 54 setup I would describe it as an added vibration - an added complexity in the middle frequencies that I perceive as projecting. I'm deliberately avoiding the "bright" word because it isn't. I like it (thankfully) for all styles of playing. This is the only way this horn will be set up as long as I own it.

A ref 36 is a more spread sound than a 54 - not as exaggerated as a Keilworth but toward that direction. I'm not sure what effect same resonators would have on a 36 and (or) if it would even be desirable. I love a real focus to the sound. Many feel the opposite.

Palo would have more educated thoughts and may well take on the job. I wouldn't hesitate if you both are up for it. He will treat you more than fairly.

Randy Jones has seen my horn set up like this as I visited on a neck search within a few months after purchase. He initially took the horn for a quick go over and everything was functioning optimally. He asked me who did it and inferred kudos on Palo's work. No one packs a horn like Palo........ It'll take a good 20 minutes to put the horn together after his shipment .... lol

Randy would also be an excellent source to contact. I had a soprano repadded by him and resonators were chosen based on my sound goal. He may well have a quality opinion and (or) experience as to what this effect would be on a 36. His ears, experience and intense curiosity are infectious.

Report back. I'm curious what you can discover.
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Yeah.. no kidding. - the wondering about more

That's why I want to hear a report back!

Its this musician disease or curse or affliction we have that is inherent in any artist I guess.
Dr G said:

Steve, did Palo solder the bow to the body of your horn. Randy did that to mine last year (along with optimizing the octave body and neck vents) and my horn came back even larger than before. Maybe your horn is already there... Maybe MORE would be too much...:twisted:
No the bow is not soldered..... Stop! Stop! Your giving me doubts about true potential lol

repeating. Its the Indian not the arrow. Its the Indian not the arrow. Its the Indian not the arrow. Its the Indian not the arrow........
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