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A few tests to see if it is entirely the saxophone's fault or if other factors are involved. :?

Set the mp on the cork where you normally tune and play the mouthpiece and neck alone. What pitch does it produce? If it is above Ab concert (your F natural) adjust the embouchure pressure to bring it down to that pitch and try checking the tuning of the sax again.

Play low F# mezzo forte with that embouchure and tune the sax by positioning the mouthpiece on the cork. Then add the octave key to check the high F# an octave higher. If it is still quite sharp, do one more test.

With the low F# in tune, play a long tone mf watching the tuner and have someone else push the octave key without you knowing when. If this helps bring the higher pitch down, it means that you are tightening the embouchure (unconsciously?) for the high register.

The sax essentially should use the same embouchure pressure from low Bb to high F. Tightening to play high and loosening to play low is a common problem that produces the intonation results you describe.

If you are NOT playing too high on the pitch (embouchure too tight) and if you are NOT tightening the embouchure (biting) to play the upper octave and the sax is still way out of tune, you can blame the instrument. :director:

Remember even well made saxes are not perfectly in tune. A sharpness of 5 - 15 cents is not uncommon when going from an in tune low G to its octave above. In this approximate range the you can learn to play the instrument in tune. If the sharpness is more than that, it may be a good idea to find an instrument you don't have to fight the intonation as much. Good luck. Hope some of this helps.

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