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Otto Link Tone Master vs Retro Revival Crescent

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Hello, I have been trying out mouthpieces for a while and hadn't come across anything that really enthused me until I came across the RR crescent which is based off of the OL Tone Master. I liked the RR, but haven't ever tried a vintie Tone Master. Has anyone tried both mouthpieces or knows about the usual characteristics of a Tone Master and can give some insight on what they're like? Any info on these pieces is appreciated, thanks.
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Thanks a lot, after looking around, it also seems like there are more four stars available (at least at the moment). The four stars also aren't as pricy as the other vintage links which is nice. Thanks for the info!
This is all correct, except that the Otto Link Four**** mouthpiece (produced from 1935 till 1940) was the model before the Tone Master came (from 1940-1945 the normal TM, from 1945 till 1949) the improved TM). Normally Tone Masters went up till about 5*, the later improved TM had some bigger facings (going to 7 or very rare higher) and a slightly smaller chamber and slightly more baffle than the first TM models. The earlier Four**** didn't have a baffle and a slightly bigger chamber than the first TM (and also a different ligature).
Wow that was a lot of info, thanks a bunch for the experience with those pieces. I have always been a small tip guy, which is a bit annoying when the smallest piece that RR makes in the Crescent is a 6* that they only make like once every two months, but that's why I wanna try these old links, they inherently come in small sizes. I use an Otto Link NY (Modern) with a 5 facing. I recently switched to that one off of a Modern STM (6*) that I had used for 6 years. While trying other mouthpieces, I would always be given a 7* or 8 and it just wouldn't gel for me. I tried this NY Modern STM and I liked the response and feel. I wanna see if I can get a Tone Master in a 5 before everyone buys them and opens them up. One day people might want a small tip, you never know. I wanna see if can get each of the vintage NY Links and be able to pick which one I really really like then sit with it for a while. I like the developmental aspect of the mouthpiece relationship. Anyways, thanks again for the playing examples and experience with mouthpieces.
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