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Otto Link Tone Master vs Retro Revival Crescent

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Hello, I have been trying out mouthpieces for a while and hadn't come across anything that really enthused me until I came across the RR crescent which is based off of the OL Tone Master. I liked the RR, but haven't ever tried a vintie Tone Master. Has anyone tried both mouthpieces or knows about the usual characteristics of a Tone Master and can give some insight on what they're like? Any info on these pieces is appreciated, thanks.
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You could also consider a metal Vandoren V16 T5 Large Chamber. They are supposedly modelled after the Tone Master, they make them in a small tip opening and they are relatively well priced.

Vandoren facings are great and based on my personal experience, most play well out of the box.

Personally, I have a metal Vandoren V16 T6 Large Chamber that I really like and I did not have to reface it.
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