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Otto Link Tone Edge 5*

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Recently got one Otto Link Tone Edge 5* tenor mouthpiece. Good condition.
Who know approx value for this mpc? I do not found 5* on Ebay and other resours.

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I played Tone Edges for years in openings from 6* to 7's for years before I finally decided that I liked a 5* because it gave me more "edge" to my sound. IMO as my embouchure and concept got better, I graduated toward smaller tip openings. It seems that a lot of people here think the opposite: you need an open mouthpiece to get a big sound. There is one seller here that always has great mouthpieces for sale, but it kind of turns me off from buying anything because they have big tip openings, or have been opened up. Monster tip opening does not equate to "Monster sound".
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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