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Otto Link serial numbers? Any info?

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I have read all the info about the Otto Links having serial numbers. But what do they mean? It makes sense with saxophones, but what does a serial number of A1 on a New York Otto link mean? Is it the first one? Or has it something to do with who made it? I've seen a serial number of T98. What do these numbers really mean?

BTW, I've used the search function, but it lead nowhere.
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Maybe they had serial numbers at some point, but they definitely don't have them now. What era of Otto Links are you talking about?
Theo says that the three digit serials are the later ones, like the one you have. I have never noticed a difference. I think it had to do with taxes and record keeping.
I'm asking about the 1950s New York and 1960s early Florida versions. Not the current ones. I actually have an New York A1. That's why I was asking.
The last NY I had was TT 90 for what it is worth.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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