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Otto Link Reso Chamber Alto - your comments?

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Thank you for the sharing.
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I have a 5* and it plays very wide and dark. It's a neat mouthpiece. It's very different from the current tone edge I have.
Are all the vintage rubber Links dark? I tried a slant letter rubber Link alto mouthpiece recently (which I think is an early Babbitt model), very dark and not interesting at all. It has a big chamber and was not easy to blow. I am not sure Reso Chamber has same or different design.
I just bought one from a friend, a Van Wie reface.
I wasn't planing on buying another alto mouthpiece, but this one is really to my liking.

I knew it was a bit more closed tip than what I'm used to, so I was expecting not to like it, but it blows the same as my other pieces. I'm guessing that the big chamber adds resistance.
I love how it plays in the low register. The tone is dark throughout, but I can push it.

It's a big mouthpiece, my Optimum ligature barely fits!

edit: I just realized that this thread is 6 years old....
Lol yeah it's old. Can't believe I had to wait this long for another post to read. Lol
I wonder how the reso tone is in comparison to a early babbit alto ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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