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I had a deep bone scan done over 2 years ago to look for reasons that I have chronic back pain. Didn't get any clarity on my pain but Kaiser came up with an Osteoperosis diagnosis. That filtered through their system for a year and then I got contacted by a specialist and began fossimax. So, now its over a year later and I'd like to see if the fossimax is working but Kaiser doesn't want to do any more tests. What I was told was that if the Fossimax was working why do an X ray (radiation) and if it wasn't then I was screwed? Anybody got an idea on a way to check any of this? I did do a Longs Drug store bone check which is not good medical info but it did show bone loss but not how much. So?? K
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Kaiser is an HMO in our area. Thanks for the info. I figured that I'd have to badger them for another deep bone scan at some point. K
Potifar, you are moving into a topic I was considering to breach. I took a Somatic lesson/treatment last week based on the book Somatics by Thomas Hanna and thats his whole premise. That such a high percentage of back pain is undiagnosable its wiser to treat the nervous system. His system is an outgrowth of Feldonchris and is about teaching the nervous system new messages. Gaining control over involuntary spasms/grabs. So, thats my next step. I also have been on Gabapentin for over a year and that helps alot. Using the Swiss Exercise ball has helped my core immensely and I just have to be very carefull how I move and support weight. I didn't realise that X rays were so dangerous but I'll take your word for it. I do the fossimax, walk 20 to 30 minutes everyday, do the swiss ball and now Somatics at night, and unload 1000 lbs of potatoe/corn chips off my truck 5 days a week. I'm better this year than last and for that I'm grateful. Not to mention I am playing alot better since I can practice an hour a day and am in less pain/discomfort. Thanks for the post. K
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The price is right. K
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