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I had a deep bone scan done over 2 years ago to look for reasons that I have chronic back pain. Didn't get any clarity on my pain but Kaiser came up with an Osteoperosis diagnosis. That filtered through their system for a year and then I got contacted by a specialist and began fossimax. So, now its over a year later and I'd like to see if the fossimax is working but Kaiser doesn't want to do any more tests. What I was told was that if the Fossimax was working why do an X ray (radiation) and if it wasn't then I was screwed? Anybody got an idea on a way to check any of this? I did do a Longs Drug store bone check which is not good medical info but it did show bone loss but not how much. So?? K
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I too just glossed over the posts. I have osteoporosis and was put on Fosomax. I went off of it after a couple of weeks because there have been lawsuits because the women that were on it experienced drastic eroding of the jawbone and had to undergo reconstructive surgery. Doctors were informed of the problem (in July 06?). At the time I did extensive web searches and found a lot of information on it. Sax players need their jawbone!!
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