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I had a deep bone scan done over 2 years ago to look for reasons that I have chronic back pain. Didn't get any clarity on my pain but Kaiser came up with an Osteoperosis diagnosis. That filtered through their system for a year and then I got contacted by a specialist and began fossimax. So, now its over a year later and I'd like to see if the fossimax is working but Kaiser doesn't want to do any more tests. What I was told was that if the Fossimax was working why do an X ray (radiation) and if it wasn't then I was screwed? Anybody got an idea on a way to check any of this? I did do a Longs Drug store bone check which is not good medical info but it did show bone loss but not how much. So?? K
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Just glossed over the previous posts. I assume you don't smoke. If you do, it is definitely time to quit.
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