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Orlando Custom tenor sax ???

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Anybody own a Orlando Custom tenor sax or know anything about them? Where they made? Good or bad points? They any good? If so why or why not? thanks ed
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Orlando's shop is about ten minutes from my house and he has two tenor's out, a student model and professional model. The day I tested the horn out, I had my Mauriat System 76 and he had a 5-digit VI that I also tried. Its been while since the day I went to the shop but I'll try to the best of my abilities to recall details about the horn. I believe this horn is a stencil from China if I am not mistaken. I may be mistaken so do not quote me on that.

The horn's key layout was very similar to my Mauriat so I was immediately comfortable. As far as the action of all the mechanisms, everything was light and fast which was very similar to that VI I tried out that day as well. I feel since Orlando set up both horns, they had a similar light action. He had set up my horn not so long after and it felt very similar. Tone wise, this horn was very similar to a Mauriat 66, more spread than the VI and my system 76 but not to spread that the sound does not sound supported. It spoke well from top to bottom and intonation was good but not perfect and the only issue I seemed to had was jumping down two octaves from like Bb3 to Bb1, which I had no problems with on my horn and the VI. Overall it is a good horn, well built and sold by a honest man who will help you out. Yet, there are many horns in its price range that all play well, tone being one of the most varying factors. The reason I walked out with my Mauriat and not the Orlando was because I preferred the tone of the Mauriat over the Orlando, not saying that the Orlando had a bad tone, though.

If you live within driving distance, I suggest you go try out the horn for yourself!
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