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Hi folks, this may not be the most appropriate place to ask because of that my question concerns as alto and tenor as well as soprano mouthpieces, but here's the point:

for the previous 10 years I was STRICTLY Otto Link guy, metal & hard rubber; played various Early Babbits, Floridas and a lot of really great modern versions of these including the Mouthpiece Café Primo & Bergonzi Slant Signature. For a few years now I'm experiencing increasing amount of session musician work where the dark Link sound is not always what you need, so I turned my head towards Guardalas and various modern takes on these mouthpieces. 10 years ago I had a LT King mistakenly stamped with MB II, but I sold it which was a HUGE mistake.

I tried recently modern MB II for tenor by Nadir Ibrahimoglu and was impressed to the point I bought myself one, but alto & soprano Guardalas are VERY unpopular here, usually shops stock one King and one Studio and as you can imagine - there's no way to play-test them before buy. You take it or not. I know that Thomann stocks some Bebop/Traditional (? - probably that's the name), but it's the same story here: you can't play them prior to buying, so I started to look for the other solutions worth considering; if I have to pay for a mouthpiece I did not tested, why not order a custom made? And here is the question: did anybody of you had a chance to compare Nadir and Sakhama takes on the Guardalas? Which one is closer to the "original" Guardala made by Dave himself? I'm especially interested in alto Bebop/Traditional, soprano PostBop OR Branford Marsalis (I am not sure if Sakshama makes BM) and tenor Branford Marsalis OR Traditional.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Best regards,
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