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I've been in a couple of (mostly cover)bands now, and one somewhat recurring problem is: how do you make sure everyone has access to the resources we have already gathered? I mean things like:

* recordings of ourselves
* recordings of others playing the same songs
* sheet music, tabs, lyrics, etc

and lists like
* what's the current repetoire
* what's on schedule for the next gig
* what's on schedule for the next rehearsal (if we get that organized ;) )
* what's proposed as new repetoire.

So far we've put files online on FTP accounts, websites or in gmail accounts, but it all gets rather disorganized quickly.

How do you guys manage this (if at all)?

If nothing appears to be available, I'm thinking of throwing a system together. I'll be sure to share my ideas here and ask for feedback, but first I'd like to know how people are currently addressing this.

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I give the guys (and any subs) the directory name that has the source recordings, plus password restriced access to all the .pdf files of the charts. I have them separated by instrument, so that the sub can get to a folder with just his charts in it.

Seems to work pretty well until you hit the sub who only has dial-up internet access and wants everything hard copy.

Also, the morning after each gig I upload the recordings of the previous night's gig to a folder in our web space and send them a link to the Wimpy Player app in that directory. It just brings up an image of an iPod on the browser screen with all the tunes in the playlist. That works great.
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