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ordered yts-62

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hi guys.
i'm not sure if this should be in the ebay section, but
i just bought i used 62 mark 1 for 1700 dollars.
it's supposed to be in good condition, and i hope i can trust the seller.
any suggestions, advice??
it will be my first horn to own :]
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I played one of these the other day that was absolutely fantastic. Very clean, full sound with excellent ergonomics. The intonation fell into place, great for a modern horn. I enjoyed playing it alot.

Inspect it carefully upon arrival for any issues. Have it set up by a local repair man and enjoy the horn!

I took my Tenor immeaditly to a tech. Right after it came. I didn't even play it. I wanted to know immeaditly if any shipping damage had happened to the horn. Also since it is an e-bay horn you might want to expect a overhaul. It may not need one, but just to be safe.
You will love that tenor. I know mine has kept me happy .
Now you can go really broke messing around with different MPC's. :D
Toobz said:
You will love that tenor. I know mine has kept me happy .
Now you can go really broke messing around with different MPC's. :D
i noe i will love it
but for the mouthpiece..
the sax comes with a vandoren tl4 optimum
now i'm all set :D
by the way, i have a question.
are the spatula keys on the old 62 the tilting kind where the Bb key also moves when you press the the C#?? (i don't know how else to put it :])
or are they like the old saxes??
YTS 62 Tenor

Yeah you should be pretty happy with that horn. I paid exactly that amount for a new YTS 62 back in '83. IF yours is in good shape that's a good deal. When I sold mine the pearls were changed by my fingers. I must have logged a ton of hours in the 25 years I played it before going down the Selmer road...The ergos, response & tuning are very good. The left hand cluster is more like a SBA than a MKVI in terms of the hinge action. It works well.

I hope it makes you happy for years to come.
hi there!
i have just bought my teachers 62 tenor which he bought in '82!! he owns a big music shop in the south of england, and i have been able to play alot of the new horns, and high end ones! it is just perfect for me and as i had a very old worn buescher before,the speed i can now play is vastly improved!! i always have probs as i have a busted left hand little finger and the low Bb is right under it! great horn,solid,bright sound great for bigger venues and very dependable! mines been played with van morrison and jules holland apparently( not by me tho!!!)
have fun dudes!!

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