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Oral device for sleep apnea: effect on playing/embouchure

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I couldn't use CPAP, so I had an maxillary advance device made. It seemed to benefit my sleep, but after wearing it for some time, probably a few weeks, I could barely make a sound on my Boy Scout bugle (I play Taps with a VFW honor guard.) and it really hurt my sax playing. This was after cranking it up to the maximum setting, so I cranked it all the way back and made a rule that I would not use it unless I practice sax that day.
I'm still not sure it hasn't hurt my playing, esp. low B, D, E, which tend to bump up an octave.
I have not used it for about 12 days, and I think I'm doing better.
I am not sure it really helps the sleep apnea.
I have an appointment with the doc that made it for me in a few weeks.

I'm curious whether anyone else has experienced such a problem and what you did.

P.S. That's not the oral device you see in my avatar photo. ;)
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