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Optimum (kinda) for metal bari pieces

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Just thought I would share this with anyone (like me) who was looking for a decent lig for a metal bari piece

I picked up an Optimum lig for the V16 metal tenor piece, and let me just say that it works amazingly on my SS Berg and my Dukoff, both bari.

It also works well on my Barone Jazz 9* tenor piece.

Anyone else had luck with a setup like this?
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I'm so glad that my little odd happenstance was able to give someone else a good idea, too! The Optimum ligs, for me at least, play better than any other I've tried, and I especially don't care for fabric ligs on metal mouthpieces.

My Rovner sits in my case for times that I jsut want to play something else, or If I don't want to risk my expensive equipment (I borrow a yamaha 23 for those bar gigs).

My inverted Bonade lig also works great on my Lakey metal tenor piece, and I can barely tell a difference between that and the Optimum (which also fits well), but the Optimum is still a tad brighter.

Of course, you get a lakey playing too bright and you need to repaint the walls...:twisted:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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