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I haven't played sax in 30 years. My son is 12 and has gotten into clarinet so I thought I may try to learn something along with him. I've always liked the tenor sax and its deeper soulful sound. So I've been researching, reading forums here, watching review on youtube, looking at new and used on ebay, amazon etc...

So for a new entry-level tenor, my requirements aren't too lofty. I have to stay under $2k for everything e.g. case mouthpiece etc, and I'm probably never going to have the skill to appreciate the nuances between a good sax and a great one. I just want a baseline of quality - not junk, something I can learn on. I do want a new instrument. There's something just a bit magical about a gleaming new sax, and that good aesthetic feeling is part of what motivates me to play.

So some intro-to-sax websites recommended the Jean Paul TS-400 as a good entry level beginners tenor, or the Allora ATS-250. But then I came across the Allora Vienna AATS-505 in black nickel and immediately was drawn to it. Guitar Center has it for $1189. Its described as an intermediate instrument, but its only $250 more than the ATS-250.

Does anyone have any experience with this instrument? Or the 250 or the Jean Paul? Anyone want to talk me into or out of any of them? Appreciate your insights!
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