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Opinions on Meyer 4M?

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Hello, first of all a big THANK YOU for all the very helpful responses to my previous post. I ended up buying a YTS-23 from a local seller.

I had bought a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, but this sax came with a Meyer 4M. These seem to be twice as expensive as the Yamahas -- are they good for a beginner/dabbler like myself, or should I stick with the Yamaha for now?

Also, how do you clean/disinfect a mouthpiece? Mouthpieces are NOT dishwasher safe, I guess? :D

Thanks in advance

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For my mouthpiece, I use lukewarm water and a toothbrush to clean it out every so often. Apparently you can also use dish detergent, but I haven't tried that yet.

A Meyer 4M has more of a punch to it - it's more of a jazz/funk sort of mouthpiece. IMHO, you should stick with the 4C, but there are others who are a lot more experienced than I am with saxophones.
Hernan: It all depends on your chops, beginner or experienced. There are no perfect mouthpieces across the board - only what works best for you. I'm guessing the Meyer may be a better piece but again, how does it feel to you?

I use warm water and soap to clean my mouthpieces. No hot water or excessive heat. DAVE
Yeah - hot water turns your mouthpiece green :shock:
I've never played a Yamaha mouthpiece, but I've played a Meyer 5M on tenor. I can't think of any reason why you couldn't use the's a pretty conservative, easy-to-play piece. I'd just give them both a try and play the one that feels better to you.
I usually just run a swab through the mouthpiece after playing but once or twice a year I will wash the mouthpiece in cold water with some Listerine. Nothing more than that.
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will stick with the 4C for a while, and later on I'll clean the Meyer and will give it a try.
dagnabbit: Cool avatar too! On topic: a meyer 4M should play well for you as it's quite close tipped (unless i've got my tip-opening memory all screwed up). In theory, the Meyer should be a better piece. Try both and see what feels/sounds better to you.
When finished playing....
Thoroughly dry out the mouthpiece with a 100% cotton handkerchief pulled though the bore.
Never leave a wet reed on the mouthpiece when finished playing.
Dry off the reed and put away.
Never use hot water to clean a mouthpiece!
I play a YAS-21. The Yamaha mouthpiece it came with is actually pretty easy blowing open feel for a beginner. I switched to a Meyer 5M and found at first it had a darker more closed tone and was a little harder to blow. But with time and practice I've found the Meyer to have more expressive range than the Yamaha.
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