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Hi all. I am new here. Basically, had trouble finding the info I wanted. I am a doubler who is aiming to do grade 8 Abrsm in June.

My oboe has a crack, and we don't have storesd near me

So my question is the fox oboes (particularly the 330 or 300)

How do they compare tone wise to the other brands. Would I be frustrated going from a wooden (Tom sparkes oboe) to one of these.

Would I be better to stick with wood? Even though I want the durability of resin?

Do the smaller holes block more easier than on wood?

At the resin ones heavier than the grenadilla ones? Or lighter?

And do the fox oboes work well with a European scrape?

And is the tone a darker tone on these oboes, or a more bright one.

Thanks in advance
I'm surprised no one has else chimed in, lots of Fox oboe lovers on this board.
Disclaimer---- I haven't played oboe in 10 years (used to play a Rigoutat) although I'm considering getting back into the game.
Fox plastic oboes have a great reputation for sound, pitch stability and a very reliable mechanism. They're not very popular in Australia and I've never played one but I know many fine oboists who give them the thumbs up for a synthetic instrument.
Tom Sparkes oboes (which I've played), in my experience, are VERY resistant compared to other brands.
A synthetic body will be lighter than wood and the Fox should work fine with a short scrape reed.
I think in term of overall tone, your reeds will have more of an impact than the oboe you're playing. And, the most important thing with oboe is that the thing seals properly. And I mean PROPERLY. Good oboe repair is almost an art unto itself and I've known many fine woodwind repairers who either struggle with oboe or outright refuse to work on anything other than student models.
All that said, what does your teacher say?
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