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So here are my thoughts on the oboe and brands.

Fox oboes have a great reputation for quality and consistency, especially the high end oboes. I know many symphony players who swear by the Yamaha oboes for back ups and for plastic oboes when they need something more stable and crack resistant than wood.

My recommendation, if you are able, is to find models that you can afford and try them. You will know when you find one worth your attention and money. The standard with any instrument, regardless, of make or model is how does the thing sound when I put some air through the thing and can I do the things I want to do with the make and model in my hands. Finding the perfect instrument for you takes some time. You are the unknown in any instrument. I will get a much different sound than you will.

Greenline instruments may give you the stability of resin with the warmth of wood.

Get out and try some instruments. Your questions here will give you some information about the instruments, but only your playing them will give you the true answers to your questions.

Happy hunting.
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