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a friend of mine is looking for an affordable pro level alto horn.
in german ebay you can find this Borgani alto:
Buyer says:bought new 6-7years ago, barely used, pro level horn.
it had a general overhaul not long ago.
no dings or dongs, no leaks!laquer like new.
The price 6 years ago was 2.495,00 Euro.
no informations about the model or serialnumber.
your opinions are well appreciated!!!

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You would expect someone from SAXony to have access to all SAXes! Just a joke!
I think this is a great pice for a great horn. We have a number of Borgani lovers here.

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Pics are crappy and I don't read German. It's hard to tell. I'd asked the seller for more detailed pics and a serial number. If it has a "J" in the in the serial number it's a Jubilee. It appears to a pre-jubille. It could be a Ponzol model. I believe that the Ponzols were the pre-jubilee offerings. There's lots of info on them in the SOTW archives (hint: search button...). Or, it could be the model just before the Ponzol.

I had a pre-ponzol tenor for awhile that was kinda beat up. Yet, it still played great. Bright but broad and spread sounding. Sort of a cross between a Yamaha and a Keilwerth.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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