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In response to my post in the marketplace to trade my P. Mauriat alto, I have the choice between a relaquered martin committee alto in good playing condition, serial number 171xxx for an even trade and a buescher true tone tenor plus $200 with new snap ins and springs, serial number 238xxx. Both from a dealer.

Can't quite make up my mind yet. I'd like some opinions on both of these saxes.

Also, I don't gig or anything but enjoy learning and playing (standards) with BIAB and Aebersold.
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SuperAction80 said:
Of the three horns you've mentioned, MY first choice would be the Buescher True Tone... Not all of these had the auxilary F key. If you like using the front F, you will have to have a tech solder on the key for you.
A 238K Buescher True Tone tenor will have the front F key. If it's lacquered don't take it. It won't be orignal. If it is original, it more than likely will have silver plate. Another thing to keep in mind, is that when you see folks gushing about True Tones, it's usually in regard to altos and sopranos. You don't see a lot written about the TT tenors, but arguably, they may just be more rare. However, a TT tenor I tried just didn't want to gel with a high baffled mouthpiece, though others might have different experiences.

Just wondering, as I'm in Maryland as well... what did you get to try at LL Music?
PommesFrites said:
Perhaps I should look a little further into his inventory before settling on the TT.
If you're trading with a dealer, you'll always end up on the short end of the stick. They're in business to flip a profit on a horn and any trade they'll accept will do just that, and then some. Don't use the high value of the euro as an excuse to be had. I'd sell the PM separately, and not settle on any horn.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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