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In response to my post in the marketplace to trade my P. Mauriat alto, I have the choice between a relaquered martin committee alto in good playing condition, serial number 171xxx for an even trade and a buescher true tone tenor plus $200 with new snap ins and springs, serial number 238xxx. Both from a dealer.

Can't quite make up my mind yet. I'd like some opinions on both of these saxes.

Also, I don't gig or anything but enjoy learning and playing (standards) with BIAB and Aebersold.
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Thanks for the reply!

I had the PMSA 67 with the straight tone holes and the dark finish with the green keys. I also bought the jazz VI neck.

I've learned a lot from SOTW about the chances you take with buying a relaquered horn. So that may rule out the martin alto. I no longer live where I can get advice from other sax players so a lot of my practice ideas come from this site. I enjoy the Aebersold and BIAB. I can gauge my progress with reading and understanding how to play through chord changes. It is my goal to be able to gig or play in front of willing listeners withing a few years or so.

I am a little familiar with some of the vintage horns having played a few at L and L's in Maryland. I currenlty have a Martin Indiana tenor that is, to me, amazing. It needs some work but plays for me as I can get around the problems. I'm actually afraid to get it fixed fearing that it won't sound as good. Perhaps I'm just paranoid!

I actually liked the P. a lot. It sounded nice but I just wasn't playing it after I got the tenor and felt bad about that. I like the Indiana so much that I want to try another vintage tenor in my practice rotation. My interest in the The Martin Alto was for its reputation for having a fuller sound.

I sent the P. for the trade. It will take about a week to get there so I have a few days to make a decision. I've been leaning toward the TT though.
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The TT is actually laquered with about 80% left on it. I use a NY Link 6*. How should that work out on the TT tenor? Perhaps I should look a little further into his inventory before settling on the TT.

L and L (Gaithersburg) has a very friendly staff. Perry Contichio was a big help. They didn't mind that I was learning and wasn't/not a good musician but they brought out everything! I played a bunch of Cannonballs, Alto/Tenor; SA 80 alto; Conn Chu in silver; King Super 20. I've been back for reeds and saw other vintage saxes but didn't stay and play them.
Grumps said:
A 238K Buescher True Tone tenor will have the front F key. If it's lacquered don't take it. It won't be orignal.

I would like to keep my budget to the alto plus $500-$600 max.

What may be a better option between a 90% silver plated TT 254xxx or a 99% (likely not original) silver plated Conn Wonder 68xxx.

I know the best way to know is to actually play the horn but I'm not in the states for a while and the euro rate is outrageous.

Your input is helpful.
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