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In response to my post in the marketplace to trade my P. Mauriat alto, I have the choice between a relaquered martin committee alto in good playing condition, serial number 171xxx for an even trade and a buescher true tone tenor plus $200 with new snap ins and springs, serial number 238xxx. Both from a dealer.

Can't quite make up my mind yet. I'd like some opinions on both of these saxes.

Also, I don't gig or anything but enjoy learning and playing (standards) with BIAB and Aebersold.
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Cannonball (Chris Hemmingway)

SuperAction80 said:
Chris Hemmingway is currently using a Cannonball alto.
Chris sounds awesome on his Cannonball. He must have picked up a new one because his old one was at Germann's getting rebuilt.

I looked at it laying in pieces on his side bench and remarked that I heard good things about these horns and Jim replied yeah but this one needed some work... I then asked if it belonged to Chris because Chris's bare brass Cannonball had all sorts of homemade risers on the keys and the like and they were not there for good looks. We had a good laugh.

I too some lesson's with Chris last winter. Good teacher and a nice guy.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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