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In response to my post in the marketplace to trade my P. Mauriat alto, I have the choice between a relaquered martin committee alto in good playing condition, serial number 171xxx for an even trade and a buescher true tone tenor plus $200 with new snap ins and springs, serial number 238xxx. Both from a dealer.

Can't quite make up my mind yet. I'd like some opinions on both of these saxes.

Also, I don't gig or anything but enjoy learning and playing (standards) with BIAB and Aebersold.
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The P. Mauriat is a great horn, and it's probably true that you'll come out way behind money-wise if trading with a dealer. The question is whether you'll like the vintage horn better, keywork and tone. I'd be inclined to keep the PM and maybe try out some different mouthpieces and/or necks to improve the sound.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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