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Opinion on used T4

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I've been looking for a decent tenor for a few weeks now. Not a pro, I play in a few bands and I play on a AW010 but want to switch to a Tenor without breaking the bank. Looking under $1500.

There is a nicely-used T4, ARTIST stencil, 7xx,xxx serial. $800 US. I would send it in for a repad but it comes with an extra neck and a few other goodies. Should come out about $1100 everything said and done.

Opinions? Should I hold off and find something newer? Only tenor I have experience on is a YTS 63.

Thank you.
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It's a good budget for a used can get a lot for $1000-1500.

The this, take a look at the pinky table. Is it a modern-style pinky table or a vintage style one ?

I ask because it was during the 4 model production that Yani went from a traditional style table to a modern one. If it is the former, $800 is too much $ to ask. If the latter, $800 isn't a bad deal providing the horn is in playable condition with no nasties such as dents or being really grungy....

For $1500 you might be able to find an 800 series Yani, actually....but the T4's are respectable horns.
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