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Due to interest, here's my brief opinion of the solid silver alto neck.

Its a 'Super VI' model with brass fittings and is unlaquered apart from the octave arm, but a splash of varnish remover soon stripped that off :bluewink:

Most importantly, how's it sound ? The silver produces exactly the same effect that the silver neck creates on my Yanigasawa tenor. The tone becomes just very slightly brighter and a lot warmer and the sax feels more free blowing. Perhaps silver offers less resistance than my brass and bronze necks ?

I've only been playing with it a few days, but I already like it because it produces the result I anticipated. I have a model 67, an unlaquered 'Influence' model, which sounds amazing but is very, very dark and the silver just lifts the tone very slightly.

I understand that my comments could open up the 'material makes no difference to sound' debate, however this is not only my perspective but also my family who commented on the brighter sound even though they were not aware I had changed necks ! were great, as usual, with Jules in Crowborough doing a lot of digging to find this neck. I don't know why Mauriat don't make these more available as an aftermarket option ?

Unfortunately I'm unable to upload sound clips, but if you are able to I recommend giving one a try to see what it does for you.
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