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OOTM (Original of the Month) Challenge for November 2022 Write a Latin Tune!

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November 2022 OOTM: Write a Latin Tune

I was a beach boy, and I believe I learned my songs from the birds of the Brazilian forest. - Antonio Carlos Jobim

This is such a vibrant and passionate kind of music! There seems to be differences in how Latin music is defined, but here’s a dictionary definition of Latin jazz in particular:

Latin jazz is a genre of jazz with Latin Americanrhythms. The two main categories are Afro-Cuban jazz, rhythmically based on Cuban popular dance music, with a rhythm section employing ostinato patterns or a clave, and Afro-Brazilian jazz, which includes samba and bossa nova.

But no hard rules as usual- it’s all for fun to prompt some songwriting and share ideas!

The different rhythms are the keys of course, but also chord progressions so I’m starting with this for some direction.
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Henderson's Double Rainbow in a nice album
IIRC, one side is Joe with Yanks and the other side, Joe and those from South of the Panama Canal.
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