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Hey everyone, I shall briefly introduce myself as I did in the introduction forum. My name is Keegan, senior in high school, Michigan, USA. I take part in the marching band, jazz band, show choir, chamber choir, and annual musical theater production.

I'll number my questions because I'm going to have a lot. I apologize ahead of time for the dauntingly long forum post, but I have a lot to say! And I'm an unbearably indecisive person so this kind of decision-making and stuff is AWFUL for me.

I am planning on auditioning at a university for music composition as a major, and double-majoring that with Engineering.

My prospective university is Michigan State University. Any of you have some advice on the school itself? Music program? Namely, music composition program?

If not MSU, what school would one suggest for music composition that also may have a decent engineering program?

For my audition on saxophone there, it asks me to prepare one of the following works or a major work of similar scope and difficulty:

Bozza, Improvisation et Caprice
Bozza, Inpromptu et Danse
Creston Sonata
Dubois Concerto
Ibert, Concertino da Camera
Debussy/Rousseau, Rhapsody
Francaix,Cinq Danses Exotiques
Glazounov, Concerto
Hartley Concerto
Hindemith Sonata
Heiden Sonata
Maurice, Tableaux de Provence
Milhaud, Scaramouche
Noda, Improvisation I
Van Delden, Sonatine
Wilder Sonata
Villa Lobos, Fantasia

I'm not going into saxophone performance, so my composition portfolio is going to be half of my acceptance I would assume.

Any suggestions on what to play?

My audition is in one month and I haven't selected a piece (I just found this list today).

To give some idea of my sax skill level, I was tenor sax section leader during marching band and I have been the Jazz Band's Tenor 1 since I joined in my tenth grade year. I always get the improv as well as written solos for concerts and such (not saying much, our Jazz band isn't that great). I realize that most, if not all of these pieces, are very difficult, especially for a high school student; so before I kill myself, I'm looking for some advice on which piece to play.

--- End of "question 3"...... =P ---

Thank you all for being here, and thanks a million to everyone who offers advice. Your advice will be taken to heart and probably will end up changing my life for the better (no pressure though =] )

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