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Hello all,

I don't normally like to use this forum to promote my stuff, but in this particular case, I thought I'd let you all know about a new section of my website where you can submit your reviews of saxophone reeds. Eventually, I'd love for this to become a great resource for players looking into different reeds to try.

For whoever posts the greatest number of reviews, I'll display your name at the top of the list with a link to whatever you'd like to promote. FYI, my site is getting thousands of unique visitors per month, so this could be a good source of additional exposure.

Also, if you'd like to review a reed that's not yet listed on my chart, you can quickly submit a review for that reed as well (see the "Click here to submit your review!" link).

I'd love to get your feedback on how the review section in general, so if you have a moment, hop on over to and give 'er a whirl.

[end of spiel]

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