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Online Jazz Improv Lessons

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Hey Everyone-

Here's a little video about my lesson series. I'll follow it with a post about my newest lesson and keep going from there as i come up with new ones. I hope you'll keep my lessons in mind if you're looking to supplement your current private instruction or if you're just looking to study online. This can be really helpful if you're in an area where it's difficult to find a jazz instructor. Check out the samples as they come along and visit my site. I've got tons of lessons and samples posted on the Jazz Improv Lessons page.


Randy Hunter
Jazz Improv Lessons Page: Improv Lessons.htm

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You sound fantastic! I love to hear you play and your enthusiasm for teaching warms my heart!
It’s a joy to watch you teach, and a joy to hear you play! Jazz education at its best!
Hello my brother! Great to see you and great to hear you!!!! Beautiful video!
Thanks Mark! Loving that Celebration mouthpiece!
I’m so glad!!!!!!! You sound fantastic.
1 - 4 of 65 Posts