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Series II with Sterling Silver Series III neck. A55 or A45 Jumbo Java. Java Green or Red, 3 or 2.5.
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As many of us I keep seeking for the best solution to the sound we have in our heads. As an Alto player I have consolidated around A45 Jumbo Java form Vandoren with Java Green reeds number 3. But for some reason I found myself more comfortable playing with the A55 which is a larger tip opening piece.

This site, that is run by one of the most avid and responsive members we have the honor to have, has many clues about what really goes on with a mouthpiece and all about its insights.

For example, at the FAQ, reading about the Selmer pieces letters and their meaning, comes the best explanation about what goes on with changing tip openings etc..

Very much recommended.


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Yes, good stuff! Only drawback to playing a softer reed with an open tip is the reeds tend to get used up faster, but its worth it. I have been doing this since day one. What I eventually learned to do was to get a Reed Guard and keep it full of reeds I have 'vetted' at practice. If I have to change at any time during a gig, I have the Reed Guard on stage with me. I don't mind changing during the set either - its part of playing sax and maybe its interesting to somebody out there.

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I prefer a smaller tip, 6, with the softest reed I can make play. I get a lot more color in my sound, articulate better and not wear myself out.
It makes it feel like the sound is in the sax, not stuck at the mouthpiece.
I can never understand the high baffle, big tip concept. It doesn’t sound like any of the players I like to listen to play.

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Yes, very nice explanation.

Wen I discovered that the sound I was looking for came from a larger tip and a certain design I finally found what I was looking for. Larger tip and thinner reeds were the recipe, for me.
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