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On the beach

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Another experiment on my new mixer: free blowing, in the footsteps of Chris Rea, on a nice backing track:

Ciao and keep you safe.
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Love that tone.
It's really coming together Guido. Sounds much better as a mix. Questo mi piace molto.
That sounds wonderful Guido!Beautifully played, and I love that song and backing. Great pick and very nicely done. Tone for days!
Beautifully done Guido!

Thank you for reminding me of a great tune that I hadn't heard for many years. Your production was very faithful to the spirit of the original but also allowed your musical personality to shine. I also thought that the mix was excellent and that the sound of your alto was fuller and softer than on previous recordings and that this really suited the tune.

I look forward to your next experiment!

Thanks friends for your listening and for your suggestions.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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