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nitrosax said:
Even though regular Olivieri alto reeds are discontinued, I recently bought a stash of Olivieri alto reeds. My teacher back in the early 80's swore by these reeds and a saxophonist I really respect, Bob Black from chicago, also recorded on these's my question...

What does "tempered for peak performance" mean? It reads that these were made in Spain but where is the cane from? What is the story on these reeds? the Cut is like an american--french's half and half...

Any input is welcome on these...
I used to buy Olivieri reeds for clarinet. Loved them and still playing my stash.
I think "tempered" means that they are baked a wee bit to harden them.
I believe the cane comes from Spain.
Too bad they're not made for alto sax anymore.
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