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Oleo - Getting ready for auditions

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Hi Everyone!

I am pleased to say I have graduated. No more school :). Anyway, I am getting ready for auditions at the WAAPA, Monash and Sydney. They start next week. PLenty of travel ahead.

Anyway, I thought I would post a clip of me playing Oleo solo. It's must me and a tiny bit of reverb. Apologies for the slightly wonky timing. I don't play alone that much. (Probably should) :twisted:

Any advice ahead of auditions would be appreciated!

Anyway, enjoy the clip (I hope). Here is the link to my Soundclick. Oleo - 2011
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I think that the safe side can be demonstrated through the technical work. I like to be creative, although I think I'll keep it under control for the audition. I love early Rollins (well any Rollins is good!). Thanks for listening.
50-17 bpm! That is obscene! :)
I've never looked at triad pairs before. Can you offer any help with those?

And yes, I find the timing does go off every now and then. When I pretend to play the hihat along with the recording, I find my foot gets lost! :twisted:
I had heard of them too and I'd also heard of hexatonics, but never really knew what they were. That sounds very interesting and worth experimenting with. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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