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Oleg Ergonomic Vs. BG Yoke

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I play alto primarily, but due to an arthritic neck (at the ripe, old age of 36) I use a neotech harness as my strap. It's very comfortable, but I have three problems with it:

1) It's bulky.
2) It looks like I am wearing a woman's undergarment over my shirt.
3) Since I have recently lost 40 lbs, I can no longer adjust the harness to the proper length to hold my alto. The adjuster for the strap length hits my adam's apple first.

I've looked at both of these straps and they each look promising, but since I will have to order online, I was wondering if anyone could share any pros/cons they have observed via personal experience with these straps (since neither is exactly cheap.)

Thanks in advance,
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Just FYI, we are currently in development for a new style of connection on Neotech harnesses that will effectively make them 2" shorter allowing for an easier "short" adjustment.

I know we can't be the perfect strap/harness for everyone, but we're working on it!

Best of luck to you guys!
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