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Several years ago I got an alto sax at a second hand shop for my son after
he watched blues Bros, with box labelled VKohlerts Sons Factory Grazlitz
Chechoslavakia, sax teacher said it was a Jass sax with a split key?,- he
lost interest,
I want to sell this, had it renoved by a repairer Andrea Brown, Victoria
She told me it was from around 1917, has a Z on inside of bend below horn,
mother of pearl keys, 5 petal flowerwith leaves engraved on bell around
name VKohlertsSons Graslitz Chechoslavakia, small s in Kohlerts is a bit
above other lettersd ,S in sons has line through it, can't find any serial
numbers, but it is waiting to sing, I am composer and have made custom
guitars, dragon shaped cello and double bass, how do I identify this
instrument, seems to be silver when cleaned, and plumbing is OK but
corks probably dry? I can send photos if you like, probably has antique
value, owes me $1100 Aus about 10 years ago- so what do I do with it, does
anyone care.Regards Paul Walker, Victoria Australia

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I am not sure this is an ad or a request for information. Anyway , you would be better advised to post a picture of your horn (although your description is very thorough . You could find out about the model in your possession onto these reference site it is the best source on line (even though there are some pages not working and imperfections here and there).
I honestly doubt that the market (here or anywhere else) would respond so favourably to your saxophone as to meet your fairly high expectations. I am afraid that you would recuperate , at most, a fraction of the money that you seem to have been putting into this horn.
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