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Older Eddie Daniels Model mouthpieces

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Looks like I get to make the first post on this forum section.

Does anyone know anything about the older model Eddie Daniels mouthpieces? In my searches for one of the newer Leblanc/Woodwind co. models I won this older model on eBay:
ED #2

Who made it? Tip openings? (especially for the #2) Anyone played one?
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This arrived a few weeks ago and I gave it a quick try and found it a little bright, so it went into the mouthpiece drawer. No big deal. I paid $10 plus shipping.
Then, on Friday, my girlfriend and I had the first chance to do some playing since she (and her grand piano) moved in. After spending a few hours playing some Monk and Ellington I went to put my clarinet away.
I put my mouthpiece (a Morgan RM15) on the table and went to swab my clarinet, when i heard a sound of something rolling across the table and then the clunk of something hitting the floor.
I looked down and my Morgan was on the floor with a big chunk out of the tip laying next to it. This was followed by many profanities and me on the verge of tears (I'm currently flat broke and cannot afford to buy a mouthpiece right now.)

So, I played through a bunch of pieces that I have and spent some serious time with the Eddie Daniels. After some long tones I got the voicing right for the sound I was looking for. Then the sound opened up, the intonation locked in better than my Morgan ever had and it just played easier all over.
It's a really nice mouthpiece with a good sound over the whole horn and doesn't require the same kind of effort to play as the Morgan.
Best $10 I ever spent.
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I've never seen that version of the Daniels mouthpiece before. I play the new one made from the Zinner blank and its a fantastic piece. I put my Kaspar in the drawer after I got it.

It's great that the piece worked for you though!
I couldn't see the pics of the mouthpiece in the link, but I think it was made by Richard Hawkins. He made the first Eddie Daniels mouthpieces.

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