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Hey, guys.

Been a couple of eventful years for me since I last logged on. It's good to see so many of your here and kickin'.

I want to sell the old (~1960) Bb clarinet I played in high school. It's an F.E.Olds "Special" that certainly wasn't a pro model, but always played easily and sounded good. I haven't played it in a long time. It's been stored well in its case in my studio, the wood appears solid and clean, the keys are not shiny, but straight and they work smoothly. The pads look kind of dry, but close with a good pop. It has a Selmer HS** Mouthpiece.

I can't find this model for sale anywhere, and I'm wondering if that means mine is obsolete junk or a valuable rarity.

Can anyone suggest what it might be worth on the market?

Thank you, for any suggestions.
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