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This is the bari i was complaining about in another thread.
The G (just below middle C) squeaks horrid...but I think it's more
me, than the horn....the real issue is the horn wont play low Bb.
(not meaning to confuse)

but...there's a problem...huge problem.
y'know the two big pads on the outside of the bell?
huh? well the 2nd one from the top isnt closing completely.

please tell me that it's just a wonky sqrew, or something that's a quick fix...
i cant live without a bari *cries*

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You must mean Bb "in" the staff. I would suspect that perhaps the Bb key itself may be leaking. The low Bb pad not closing by itself should be a simple fix. usually a small piece of dampning material has fallen off so that it's lever can't close it all the way. If that's all it is then it's a fix that can happen as quickly as a small piece of cork can be cemented in and adjusted, just a few minutes. The G could be an octave timing issue. However, it's quite possible there are a number of other problems. A good technician should be able to assess the problems in just a few minutes and give you a quote. most places I've heard of will take a look free of charge.
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