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Old Down Beat issues

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Does anyone know of a company who sells old Down Beats? I am specifically interested in late 60's to early 70's issues. I had a lot of these and stupidly threw them away years ago when I was moving home. Thanks
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Thankyou for all the suggestions. There was one issue I'd really like to get the featured Hubert Laws and Ian Underwood from the Mothers with some great photos and a list of equipment. I also had the one in which Dolphy and Coltrane "face the critics"...I was mad to throw that one out.
Thanks Tim..right in the heart as usual. Funny Karma as I was reading this I just opened a pack from Ebay I bought that popped through the letterbox..1968 Downbeat with Gary Burton on the front.
I wish I'd kept my old stock..I had some classics. On Shaftsbury Avenue near Lewingtons there was an old jazz vinyl record shop where there were piles of old Downbeats and Crescendo mags ( another British favourite of mine). You would see musicians in there all the time. Lol Coxhill buying Pee Wee Russell albums..I stood behind Bud Shank in Lewingtons at the counter once..all gone now.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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