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Michael...To bad you don't live closer. I got a garage full of these. In a safe spot, in a enclosed bin. Years ago, a guy I knew gave me his " old Down Beats". It's amazing. My fav' cover was the one
with Arnie Lawrence, Joe Farrell and Pharoah Sanders all in the same shot!!! This was late 60's.

Another guy I knew gave me two Echo-Plex's from the 60's. I used them to death- till I realized the tapes were about a heart beat from breaking due to age.

Like I said to bad you don't live closer! I saved a Down Beat....for inspiration with Bob Rockwell in it- from 70's when he had a Minneapolis band " Natural Life".
It was really interesting. In 1972 or so, a bunch of us were doing Tom Jones gigs, in the summers. As time went on- a drummer, who moved there to dpo the Tom Jones gig, I knew told me about this amazing
doubler named Bob Rockwell in Vegas. BUT...the deal was Rockwell would come to this drummers home- and they'd play drum- sax duo ALL day long. The drummer
was a great player I also am still in touch with. But his words about Bob Rockwell were right on. I saw a record called Androids. It took me out!! Rockwell was over the edge. The Down Beat article came out...and he mentioned about moving back to Minneapolis. To be free of commercial BS, and so on.

He spoke of VALUES in music and being able to practice without the complaining of neighbors. This was right as I bought the Androids record. POINT BEING....In those days Down Beat was way more_true_to the jazz thing and on the mark IMHO. Now, to get a review on a CD requires some deep funds, and a maze of knowing the guy who knows the guy. Those OLD DOWN BEATS...are a sanity call Michael and a way of realizing how cool the MUSIC was and....that IS what is most important. Rockwell's article might of been 1974 maybe?

Anyhow...The drummer I mentioned BTW- Lives in SanFran now. Bad MF'er...Cedric Jensen- he's playing with Vince Wallace too. He loves the tenor sax hard bop blowing.

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Hey Tim..Al here from minnesota. That Natural Life group you speak of recieved a 5 star rating
of an album called "UnNamed Land" ..The drummer was Eric Grafatt?{i don't think i have the spelling correct}
Anyway Eric,is originally from the Phillie area and was one of the original Weather Report drummers.
You probably already know this.

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Thanks Tim..right in the heart as usual. Funny Karma as I was reading this I just opened a pack from Ebay I bought that popped through the letterbox..1968 Downbeat with Gary Burton on the front.
I wish I'd kept my old stock..I had some classics. On Shaftsbury Avenue near Lewingtons there was an old jazz vinyl record shop where there were piles of old Downbeats and Crescendo mags ( another British favourite of mine). You would see musicians in there all the time. Lol Coxhill buying Pee Wee Russell albums..I stood behind Bud Shank in Lewingtons at the counter once..all gone now.
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