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Old ATW-1235 Wireless Microphone System

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I have an old Audio Technica Wireless system that has been in the closet for years and I was wondering if it still has any use and/or value. It was great when I bought it, but I haven't used a wireless mic for a long time and I'm sure the technology has long moved on.

The system is an ATW-1235 (ATW-R12 Diversity Receiver with an ATM35 High Instensity Cardioid clip on microphone). The box says the frequency is 208.600 mhz, but the the transmitter and receiver say 207.000 mhz.

I found this ad on, but this doesn't doesn't have the clip-on sax mic. (which I guess is the wireless version of this

Any thoughts? I don't know very much about this stuff and just trying to figure out if it I might be able to repurpose it.
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