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Octave Hole Whistling

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I've noticed that on some of my older vintage tenors, when the octave mechanism is engaged, the sound of air can be heard coming through the octave hole on the neck.

Is it a case of the hole needing to be cleaned? If so, how can I do that without bringing it to a technician?

Thanks for your advice.
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Not the answer you were hoping for probably, but some necks just do that. Is it hissing only for octave A or does it continue when you player higher and higher notes. When I have encountered it, it is specific to A2 which mostly has to do with the pip being located at just the right node. Do a search on pip placement to read up on other commentary.

I have noticed that the hissing can be lessened if the pad does not raise as far off the pip. Others may know of different remedies. I have heard of some, but won't repeat them here because I've not tried them myself.
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