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Satellites 9000 Jazz Quintet

Public · Hosted by Jamey's House of Music

Jamey's House of Music
32 S. Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 19050

Satellites 9000 is an ensemble of musicians who came together through the Philadelphia Jazz Projects concert series, "Satellites Are Spinning A Sizzling, Sonic Celebration of Sun RA." Satellites 9000 will present songs from the Sun Ra catalog as well as compositions from other jazz musicians who were inspired by Sun Ra, as well as original compositions inspired by Sun Ra.


Terry Lawson is a Philly-based tenor saxophonist who is among the legendary Philly avant-garde pioneers. Throughout his career, he has played with the Sun Ra Arkestra, is a founding member of the Sonic Liberation Front, has performed with Keith DeStefano, Raymond A. King, Tyrone Hill, Odean Pope Saxophone Choir and many others

Tim Price is a multiple reeds and woodwind player who has bands of his own featuring world class stellar players like Lew Tabackin, Bennie Green,Carl Allen, Ray Drummond, Rachel Z and Bill Goodwin. Tim has played with musicians like Bennie Green, Ray Drummond, Jon Mayer, Major Holley ,Bert Harris, Terry Lawson, Alan Dawson, Bill Doggett,Brother Jack Mc Duff, Cecil Payne, Kimpedro Rodriguez,Richie Cole, Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones, Gary Burton, Trudy Pitts, Ike Turner to name a few.

David Dzubinski’s
approach to composition and performance incorporates a strong point of reference while journeying in and out of unity and chaos, utilizing harmonic dissonances and rhythms, and creating a lovely dance of tension and release. He displays a rare intensity in his piano and keyboard playing, as well as bold
sensitivity. He has made appearances on four of jazz vocalist/composer Kaylé Brecher's recordings; and one of Dzubinski's compositions was published by Freddie Hubbard's Hubtones Publishing. David Dzubinski has performed with: G. Calvin Weston, Doug Wimbish, Elliott Levin, Corey Glover, Darlene Love, Paul Pesco (Madonna), Mischa Machez, Jason Fraticelli, Anwar Marshall, Sarah Dash, Tim Motzer, Dawn Robinson, John Swana, Gary Us Bonds, Tom Spiker, Warren Oree, Frank Butrey, Kaylé Brecher, Chico Huff, Mutlu, Josh Lawerance, and others.

Bert Harris has been the bassist and musical director for two Philadelphia Jazz Projects celebrating the contributions of Sun Ra Satellites Are Spinning. Bert’s composition, “Sunday Sermon on Mars, Homage to Sun Ra” will be published in the second edition of the Philadelphia Real Book as will “Blues for Trayvon.” Bert studied jazz bass with Al Stauffer and Buster Williams.

Kimpedro Rodriguez is a multi talented drummer and visual artist .He was the musical director for several of the Philadelphia Jazz Projects Sun Ra Mixtape's and the Sun Ra Concerts celebrating the works of Sun Ra. Kimpedero leads several groups under his leadership in Kimpedro's NuGruv Network


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